Recipes for Curry & Jerk Seasoning, Marinades, Rubs, and More

Check Our Many Recipes to Help You Achieve Your Next Jamaican Masterpiece

Next time you're looking for a new dish to try out, choose one of Reggae Spice Company's many different curry & jerk recipes. Using our many different spice blends, marinades, and rubs, it's easy to find something you'll love.

Impress at your next party with a Jamaican jerk cheese fondue. Wow your travel mates when you pull out some Jamaican jerk candied almonds instead of the same boring trail mix. 

Our recipes are easy to follow and have step by step instructions without all the bloat many recipe sites suffer from. Get straight to your ingredients and cooking steps instead of reading a novel first. Whether it's as straightforward as a low and slow, indirect grilling, or a more in-depth sauce-based marinated dish, you'll find it easy to make something incredible that you and yours will love!

We have recipes for our vegan & vegetarian friends, also. Give our lentil burgers or French Indian vegan curry a try and you'll see that the authentic curry & jerk flavors aren't just for grilling and meats. 

Curry Jerk spices are an international treasure that can please even the most picky palate with the myriad options available. You can read more on the origins and differences of curry jerk around the world here.

Take your time reviewing what seasonings and spices we offer. Whether you need to try a few with one of our packs, or you are more familiar with exactly what you want and need to stock up for the next game day, we have what you need. Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or recipe ideas!