Curry Jerk Spices from Around The World

Curry Jerk Marinades from around the world

Curry and Jerk Seasonings Found Throughout the World

When you think of curry jerk seasoning, you likely think of Jamaica. After all, Jamaican jerk seasoning recipes arose from the fusion of African and Caribbean Indian culture and the cuisine that developed from available pooled resources.


But that would be giving short shrift to the rest of the world. While Jamaican jerk seasoning may reign supreme for some taste buds, there is a whole other dimension to curry jerk spices. 


Let’s explore other tasteful seasoning adventures that feature some important cuisine elements from other parts of the world.


Take the World Tour of Curry Jerk Spices

At Reggae Spice Company we advertise the World Tour Marinade Pack to give people the chance to experience the different ways other cultures and countries use their own versions of curry jerk spices in popular dishes. Below are some top contenders.

Singapore Curry Jerk

Singaporeans have been using curry jerk spices to season their dishes for centuries, ever since the trade routes wound from India through the Caribbean and back. 


Want to try a basic Singapore dish that is redolent of authenticity? Singapore chicken curry in coconut milk is sure to delight most palates.


French Indian Curry Jerk

Oooh la la, the French certainly have a way with food, which has been elevated to an art form in French cuisine. Compotes, reductions, sauces, and broths all hint at the luxury and excess for which French food is known the world over.


But when French cuisine is fused with the far more utilitarian Indian curry and jerk spices, a wonder is created. Even vegetarian Indian chefs can experiment with traditional Indian dishes and give them a French flair, like this Parisian Mumbai Salad.


African Jerk Curry

With many Africans not eating pork and Indians traditionally avoiding beef dishes, many Afro-Indian dishes compromise by featuring chicken or fish as the main ingredient. 


Mtuzi wa Samaki, or fish in coconut curry, is a popular dish that combines elements of both African and Indian cultures. The coconut milk gives it the breezy flavor of the islands, but its roots in Zanzibar remain strong.


Thai Coconut Curry Jerk

You may notice that coconut milk is an ingredient in many of these recipes. That is because when it comes to a marinade, it is hard to find a better one. Coconut milk can take the “wild” taste out of almost any kind of meat and the sweetness of the milk is a perfect match for the heat of the curry and jerk seasonings.


This recipe for Thai chicken curry with coconut milk has a robust, spicy taste that is tempered by the coconut milk so as not to overwhelm the palate.


Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

As a dry or wet rub, this amalgamation of spices can expertly season a hog, goat, or chicken turning on a spit. Because the original Afro-Jamaicans were descendants of escaped slaves hiding in dense mountain terrain, their cuisine developed using Jamaican jerk seasoning in a manner that never revealed their location deep within the mountains.


The Maroons (as they were then known) perfected the art of smokeless underground cooking over smoldering embers. Today, this kind of slow-cooked goodness can be replicated in this delectable recipe for Caribbean Jerk Pork Curry.


When There Is No Time to Cook It Slow

We at the Reggae Spice Company understand the need to balance work-life expectations to cover all bases. For most of us, long gone are the days when we could labor over a single meal all day.


That’s why we create each spice with the precise blend of ingredients that allows it to be applied as a rub and cooked immediately. The pure deliciousness of jerk curry remains without the need to slow-cook the meat for hours to flavor it.


Take Your Own Culinary Tour All Around the World of Jerk Curry

The Reggae Spice Company has made it easy to experiment with various types of jerk curry. The World Tour Marinade Seasoning Pack features eight jars of our proprietary blends of jerk curry spices in either Hot and Spicy or Sweet and Sassy versions. 

Start your tour in Jamaica, and then wander off into the intricacies of French-Indian cuisine masterpieces. Experiment with Thai coconut and its ability to tame the wild game flavor out of any meat. 


Branch out with Singapore curry jerk before bringing it on home with traditional African jerk curry’s slow-cooked signature dishes. You can do it all right from your own kitchen, experimenting, adding, and taking away ingredients as needed. 


We encourage our customers to play around with our spices in their recipes to find the most appetizing versions of their favorites. Then, come back and share your successes with us! We love hearing about your culinary triumphs using our blended Jamaican jerk seasoning and its variations.

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