French Indian Vegan Curry Recipe

French Indian Vegan Curry

Contributed by ReggaeSpice Brand Ambassador: @cookinwidkunchi

Reggae Spice French Indian Vegan Curry


  • Tofu (extra firm) cubed
  • mushrooms diced 
  • 1 can garbanzo beans (drained) 
  • 2 cans coconut milk
  • about two tsp avocado oil
  • bell peppers diced 
  • green onions diced 
  • thyme
  • garlic minced 
  • allspice 
  • fresh ginger (thumb piece) minced or grated 
  • 2 tsp Booyah Jamaican Seasoning 
  • 2 tbsp French Indian curry jerk marinade


1. Empty cans of coconut milk in to the pot you'll be using for your curry. cover and set aside. 

**Protip: Be sure to shake your cans of coconut very well before opening - coconut cream and coconut water tend to separate in a can. Shaking the can before opening will help to blend the cream and water together, this will help achieve a balanced creamy texture and evenly distribute your flavors through out your coconut base sauces. 

2. Sear cubed Tofu with avocado oil and season with 1 tsp or more of the Booyah Jamaican Seasoning depending on personal taste. Tofu cubes should be crisp and golden brown on each side. While tofu is searing, gather your pot of coconut milk and bring coconut milk to boil on medium high heat. Once Tofu is seared, crispy and golden, remove from heat and set aside.

3. Once coconut milk is at a rolling boil add ginger to the milk, stirring to distribute through out. Add French Indian curry to milk and continue to cook for 15 minutes.

4. Add onions, garlic, and thyme to milk mixture. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 10 minutes.

5. Add garbanzo beans and remaining vegetables to the pot. Continue to cook together for 10 minutes

6. Lastly, add tofu. The tofu will just need to meld with your curry and heat through for about 5 minutes. Serve over rice. 


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