Reggae Spice Company Gives Back

Here at Reggae Spice Company our culture goes much deeper than making marinades and spices. As we have traveled the world our greatest desire has been to try and uplift and bless the lives of those we’ve come in contact with. We truly strive to make a difference! We believe this can be accomplished in big or small and simple ways.

This is why we formed our GIVES BACK program. Check out a few of the projects we’ve done below and please sign up for our newsletter to receive updates about future projects. Thank you!

South Africa
In Africa we had the privilege of going to the Zamokuhle Center for the Disabled. It’s a school for the disabled. Because the students eat at school every day we decided to donate some meat to them. We were so glad we were able to help even in this small way. Our hearts definitely went out to these special individuals. In only a short time of being there we fell in love with all the students and the teacher who was also disabled. We hope to go back and build a playground for them next time.

Mitchell’s folly -Port Antonio Jamaica
When we were here filming some of our product videos we invited all the local children and their parents to participate in a scavenger hunt. This was so much fun for them. We placed all different types of candy from
America around the grounds and on the ruins of the folly. We sent all the youngest kids out first to find some treasures and sweets and then the older children and their parents were able to go as well. This was a really fun activity to set up for them. With Jamaica being so poor a lot of times people can’t even afford the necessities of life let alone extra money for “sweeties” as they call them. It was such a joy to see their big smiles when they found something yummy! Even the adults had so much fun. This project taught us that even something this simple made a big impact on those people’s lives for the better.



Nadine -Jamaica
On this particular trip we met this beautiful single mother who was having a hard time even providing daily meals for her and her 3 children. We wanted to help her in a way that would be life changing and self sustaining. We decided to help her start her own business. We built her a cart including painting it which some locals were able to help with and gave her a shave ice machine. We trained her on how to work the machine as well as how to run and manage her new business. This was a mobile business because the cart could be pushed around anywhere. This turned out to be one of the biggest blessings for her and her kids.
It was fun watching her on the first day of being open be so proud to have a way to support her and her family. There were dozens and dozens of anxious people lined up ready to pay her for the yummy cold treats. Nadine said this later in a message to us” Thank you so much Reggae Spice, I love you all and am most grateful for all you’ve done to help me and my kids. You have truly changed our lives and we will never forget you and your kindness!”