About Reggae Spice


•It has taken years to perfect our recipes and they are 100% authentic. We have created the perfect instant marinades that can be purchased as Sweet and Sassy or Hot and Spicy. We start with our authentic Jamaican Jerk seasonings and add the perfect amount of hot or sweet peppers and blend in just the right unique spices to create our masterpieces.

•No need to let it sit, simply apply our marinades and begin cooking. Our marinades can be used on chicken, pork, shrimp, beef, fish, and much more. This definitely makes our products a cut above the rest.

•Use on: pork, chicken, beef, fish, seafood, hamburger, veggies, and wherever your imagination takes you.

•All of our spices are shipped to us directly from the source to ensure the best quality. We strive for the most distinct flavors. Each of our flavors have been chosen through a meticulous process with versatility, potency, quality, and uniqueness, being the deciding factors.

Meet the board:



Hi, my name is Kunchi. I am a Jamaican immigrant and father of 5 residing in America for the last decade. My passion is cooking, all cuisines, but mainly Jamaican, I have a special love for Jamaican Jerk Marinade. In my role with Reggae Spice Company, my focus is to share my love for the flavors of the world, and the values of the organization through cooking and photography. 

Hi, my name is Brandon. I am a father of 3, I love the outdoors, hunting, and spending time with my family. I love to travel, and getting to know other people and other cultures. I am a retired firefighter with my local community and have grown to love serving those around me. Reggae Spice Company’s mission of bringing people together through food, and giving back to others is my passion, and I feel grateful for the opportunity to play a part in this company. 

Hi, my name is Anjali. I am a mother of 4 to 3 busy boys, and 1 daughter. I love being a mom and have had the blessing of working from home for years. When we aren’t at sporting events, you can catch me at the gym, or playing board games with my kids. We enjoy spending time together through various activities. With 4 growing kids, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, Reggae Spice has simplified our already busy schedule and helped us bring delicious food to our table every time! I am grateful for the opportunity to part of Reggae Spice Company. 


Hi, my name is Dujon, and I was born, raised, and  currently live in Jamaica with my wife. I eat to live and live to eat...  I enjoy cooking, playing soccer and communicating with people. Reggae Spice Company made this lifestyle of eating more flavorful. I really appreciate being a part of Reggae Spice Company because it enhances family time together with a shared interest of enjoying a well seasoned and delicious meal. Can’t wait to continue to share this goodness with the world. It’s dat good!


My name is Laurie. I am a mom of 5 and have been married to my husband, Landen, for 16 years. I have 3 girls and 2 boys, that keep me super busy. I oversee our ambassador program and am a social media specialist. I love getting to know people and connecting with them through social media and our love for good food. I am excited to be part of Reggae Spice Company! 

We have all come together to bring these unique and authentic marinades to all people. In hopes to bring families, and friends closer together through flavors from around the world through good food. 


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