Reggae Spice Jamaican Jerk Marinades

Jamaican Jerk Marinades

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    45 products
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    The delicious flavors of Jamaica have delighted and fascinated both gourmets and gourmands for decades. Now, these flavors are ready to enhance the food of anyone wanting authentic Jamaican Jerk or other flavors from around the world. With our quick and easy curry and Jamaican jerk marinades, you're one step away from the best home-cooked meal of your life.

    After working for years to perfect Jamaican jerk marinades and a spice mix that perfectly captures the beloved flavors of Jamaican jerk, we’ve also perfected our curry jerk marinades that capture the authentic flavors of beloved cuisines from around the world.

    Flavor for All

    We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy these delicious flavors. That’s why our marinades pack all the authentic flavors from fresh, traditional ingredients. All you have to do is open the jar, apply your marinade to your meat, fish, seafood, or poultry, and you'll be bursting with flavor in seconds.

    And when we say concentrated, we mean it — our jars pack value. Our sweet and sassy varieties can flavor over 20 pounds of meat, while our hot and spicy jars will flavor up to 40 pounds. And they don’t only do meat! Our marinades are at home in a myriad of delicious recipes.

    Browse our marinades below and order your flavor passport a round-the-world today!

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