Reggae Spice Company & The Jamaican Shaved Ice Cart

On this particular trip we met this beautiful single mother who was having a hard time even providing daily meals for her and her 3 children. We wanted to help her in a way that would be life changing and self sustaining. We decided to help her start her own business.

We built her a cart including painting it which some locals were able to help with and gave her a shave ice machine. We trained her on how to work the machine as well as how to run and manage her new business. This was a mobile business because the cart could be pushed around anywhere. This turned out to be one of the biggest blessings for her and her kids.

t was fun watching her on the first day of being open be so proud to have a way to support her and her family. There were dozens and dozens of anxious people lined up ready to pay her for the yummy cold treats. Nadine said this later in a message to us” Thank you so much Reggae Spice, I love you all and am most grateful for all you’ve done to help me and my kids. You have truly changed our lives and we will never forget you and your kindness!”