Days for Girls Charity

Days for Girls non profit charity

Today we shut down our warehouse and brought in our employees and their families as we participated in a service project together. We have collaborated with "Days for Girls" a non profit that specializes in spreading awareness and education about feminine needs, hygiene, period, etc. around the world.

We threaded the ribbon together through the bags, and put information cards on each one. The process was simple and the group really enjoyed this way of serving those around us. These kits will be filled with feminine products such as (reusable pads, underwear, a washcloth, soap, waterproof shields, care and use sheet, carrying pouch, all in this little bag with drawstring.) We were all so amazed that this company put so much thought into providing such a big thing for all the countries around us. We are so blessed to live in a country that can provide help to those around us, even in small simple ways. 

We are grateful that Reggae Spice Company provides opportunities for us to help make a difference in this world. Thanks to Days for Girls for helping us! We look forward to working with you in the future, and are so grateful for the difference you are making!