Top 7 Grilling Tips

If you ask master grillers, grilling is an art, not just mere science. You follow basic rules, but then it’s up to your skill and style on whether you pull off being a great griller or not.

Here are the top 7 grilling tips that will turn you into a master, or at least a well-defined apprentice.

You can be sure all master grillers follow these top tips for gas grilling. So, if you’re ready to take your grilling to a new level, take note of these tips for your success.

1. Keep Your Grill Spick and Span

A clean grill reduces the likelihood of flare-ups and incessant smoke, which will burn the outside of food and result in poor taste. It’s not enough to turn the grill on high on for fifteen or twenty minutes and allow the heat to burn off the grease and then scrub off the residue. Sure, some of the greases are burned off, but not all. People may think using a grill brush works, but the friction of the bristles can push debris onto the grill itself. The best thing is to remove the grill grates and burner covers twice a year, or more, depending on how often you grill and thoroughly clean the grill.

Clean Grill

2. Manage Flare-Ups

Fire is a powerful thing and needs to be respected and managed when grilling. Flare-ups cause a cooking fire, but it’s important to note that this type of fire should be controlled, not fought. When grilling, always keep a portion of your grill empty in case a flare-up occurs. If it happens, move the food to the empty area and allow the flare-up to burn off with the lid up. Now, if the fire spreads, take all food off quickly and let the fire burn off the grease. If the fire grows out of control, turn off all burners and the gas while leaving the lid open so that the fire can die down on its own.

3. Tend to Your Grill

Just like leaving your kids alone for a few seconds can result in disaster, so can leaving your grill. You may think of leaving it for a few minutes won’t hurt anything, but it’s enough time to burn your food or for a fire to start. Paying attention to the task at hand is crucial for grilling mastery; this is especially true when grilling hamburgers, steaks, and chops since they cook at high heat, quickly. Do all prep work before you start grilling, and if you want to chat with friends and family, have them come up to you, so you can focus on grilling the food.

4. Fill the Tank

If you’ve ever run out of fuel when grilling, you know the feeling of dread and having to run or send someone to go fill up the tank. Hungry guests are waiting, and you’re out of fuel. Always keep extra fuel on hand, and you won’t have to face frustrated guests.

5. Heat and Sugar Don’t mix

Many sauces have sugar to sweeten the food, but sugar burns quickly, so to lessen the chance of your food charring, keep the grilling temperature below 265°F (130 C). Barbecuing is a similar method with low and slow cooking time, but it promises a more successful outcome if using sugar.

6. Grill Safely

This might sound like a given, but using tools to ensure foods are safe to eat is a must. Don’t use the same plate for cooked food as raw, even if you clean it. Use a meat thermometer to test temperatures and cook proteins at safe temperatures. Keep all your utensils clean and sanitized to lessen the chances of cross-contamination.

7. Grill at the Right Temps

You may have a grill that heats way high, but it doesn’t mean all food should be cooked at that temperature. Meats, such as thin cuts of pork, lamb, or beef (burgers included) should be cooked hot and quick. Tender items like fish, chicken, and vegetables need grilling at medium heat. Large cuts, as well as whole chickens and roasts, must be cooked at lower temperatures, indirectly; this means next to the heat, not above it. Having patience will pay off when you taste the delicious, tender meat.

 Reggae Grill Meat

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